3M™ 1″ x 540 yds. Double Sided Extended Liner Tape 476XL, Translucent, 2/Pack


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3M™ 476xL Double sided extended liner tape in translucent color features a white liner and has a synthetic rubber adhesive. Tape measuring 1″ x 540 yds can be used on papers, films, plastics, foams and metals, sold as 2 per pack..Width: 1″.Length: 540 yds.Thicknesss: 6 mil.Adhesion to foam: 2, adhesion to HSE/LSE: High, adhesion to metal: Medium high, adhesive peel initial: 7, adhesive peel ultimate: 9.Back-side adhesive thickness: 3 milli-inch (mil), Back-side adhesive type: 760 synthetic rubber.Carrier material: Polypropylene film, Carrier thickness (mils): 1 milli-inch (mil).Chemical resistance: 2.Face side adhesive thickness (mils): 3 milli-inch (mil), Face side adhesive type: 760 synthetic rubber.Humidity resistance: 9, Moisture resistance: 9, Industry use: General industrial, medical, packaging, paper, print, retail.Primary liner: 42.5# densified kraft paper, Primary liner color: White, Primary liner thickness (mils): 3 milli-inch (mil).Shear strength at 72 deg F (22 deg C): 10 pound force per square inch, Solvent resistance: 2, Temperature: – 40 – 120 deg F, UV resistance: Low.Stated product widths include the dry edge of the liner, use to securely seal corrugated express boxes and expedited envelopes.Double coated tape with an off-white densified kraft paper liner with statement remove to expose adhesive.Dry edge, finger lift edge, convenience, easy liner starting and removal, ideal for automated tape application equipment, tack free tape roll edges for ease of use and reduced equipment maintenance.General purpose adhesive transfer and double coated tapes with extended liners used on a variety of high surface energy and low surface energy HSE LSE materials such as coated and uncoated papers, films, plastics, foams and metals.Liner extends beyond the width to provide for easy liner removal.Freight class: 55.Certifications and standards: China RoHS – below MCV, EU RoHS compliant.2 roll 1″ x 540 yds. double sided extended liner tape extends beyond the width to provide for easy liner removal.


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