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Packing Material List


  1. Small Moving Boxes for heavy items like books or most important items so they are not mixed in with too many items.
  2. Medium Moving Boxes for small breakables, make sure you bubble wrap them carefully. Also good for clothing or mid weight items.
  3. Large Moving Boxes for larger, but lightweight items like bedding, pillows, and large breakables, which can be wrapped in bedding or bubble wrap.
  4. Dish/China Moving Boxes for all kitchen breakables, make sure to still wrap in bubble wrap.
  5. File Moving Box w/Lid for papers and documents you don’t want lost or mixed with other person items.
  6. Lamp Moving Box
  7. Picture/Mirror Moving Box
  8. Wardrobe Moving Boxes
  9. Flat Screen TV Moving Boxes
  10. Bed Mattress Moving Boxes

Packing Supplies

  1. Clear Moving Tape for boxes that you want to open easily.
  2. Tan Moving Tape for boxes you want to stay sealed longer.
  3. Permanent Markers(black or red) – make sure to mark at least 3 sides!
  4. Shrink/Stretch Wrap is great for securing small breakables that have been shrink wrapped as well as grouping boxes to be carries on dollies to prevent them from falling.
  5. Small and Large Bubble Wrap Rolls – Small bubble wrap for dishes and small breakables, large bubbles for larger or more fragile items.
  6. Packing Paper Bundle to stuff inside boxes to take up any extra space. When done and sealed, your boxes should NOT make noise when shaken.
  7. Deluxe Moving Pads are needed for each large piece of furniture to rest on in the moving truck.
  8. Plastic Mattress Wrap is the best was to protect your mattress during the move from dirt and dust that is almost impossible to remove after the fact.


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Local and Long Distance Residential Moving Services

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